Gyrostabilized optoelectronic system


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The technical airborne observation system is intended for use in aircraft for the following purposes:

  • round-the-clock search, detection and recognition of objects under conditions of direct visibility
  • capture of the object of observation and its automatic tracking
  • object distance measurement display and storing on the visualization devices of the ground hardware complex: television and thermal images, range information, coordinates of the target and the aircraft, telemetry information, etc.

The supporting structure and the housing cover are made of carbon composite. Using composite materials, it was possible:

  • to reduce the body weight 2,5 times, compared with the traditional design
  • to achieve the required thermal dimensional stability, when operating from -40 to +50 centigrade
  • to increase the rigidity of the structure, which made it possible to achieve high angular stability
  • maintain high strength, given tenfold operational overload
  • to maintain the barometric stability of the structure, when operating at different altitudes to maintain moisture resistance design

Geometrische Daten:

  • Diameter – 250 mm
  • Heigth – 340 mm
  • Full weight – 12 kg


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