Medium-resolution on-board complex for microsatellites


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The on-board complex is designed to carry out a survey of the earth’s surface from a spacecraft, convert the resulting image into a digital code, store and transfer via high-speed radio link, with subsequent ground-based processing of the images obtained.

The onboard complex, which has four photo shooting systems, allows to realize:

  • panchromatic imaging
  • multispectral imaging in 60 spectral channels in the visible and near infrared spectrum
  • widescreen panchromatic imaging
  • infrared imaging in the near infrared spectrum.

The complex is located on the outer part of the body (unpressurized compartment) of a spacecraft operating in near-earth orbit. Orbit altitude- 500 km.

The hull of the onboard complex is made of three-layer composite sandwich panels on the basis of casings of high modulus carbon fiber and aluminum honeycomb core.

The design meets the requirements for: dimensional stability, deformability, linear overloads, resistance to vibration and shockloads, mass, resistance to external influencing factors of outer space.

Technical specifications:

  • the maximum angle of rotation of the coordinate system of the mirror cube relative to the base coordinate system of the onboard complex - not more than 2 arcmin
  • Mass of the carbon fiber case - 4,5 kg
  • weight of the onboard complex assembled - 25 kg;
  • Dimensions - 415х380х556 mm



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