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The unmanned airborne complex "Grif-1" is designed to collect and process information about specified objects by using the payload equipment.

  • Conducts reconnaissance or surveillance
  • Detects and recognizes targets of ground and other surface objects
  • Creates electronic jamming
  • Performs topographic, radio, meteorological and radar reconnaissance;
  • Detect the enemy air defense group
  • Determination of coordinates of air defense systems on the ground
  • Determination of the technical characteristics of the air defense system (frequency and time parameters of the emitted signals)
  • Transmission of received information in real time to the command and control post
  • Creating a virtual group of combat aircraft for imitation of the enemy’s air defense system breakthrough in a combat situation
  • Dimensions of the UAV – 4000х5700х1000 mm
  • Payload — bis 50 kg
  • Full weight of UAV — 120 kg
  • Flight duration — up to 8 hours
  • Tactical radius — up to 200 km
  • Cruising speed — 130 km/h
  • Maximum speed — up to 160 km/h
  • Maximum altitude — 5000 m
  • Starting method - from a strip / catapult
  • Landing method - strip / parachute

Our company participated in the manufacture of equipment, manufacturing and assembly of prototypes.

The development is owned by OJSC “558 ARZ“.


+375 29 677-33-27 Velcom
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8 017 3961782 Phone/Fax

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